The STACYC 19mm Handlebar Conversion Kit is purpose-built to give your little ripper better grip and more control.  The kit upgrades 12eDRIVE and 16eDRIVE bikes to the 19mm diameter MINI BAR with 28% smaller grip diameter.  By reducing the grip diameter kids are able to fully grasp the handlebar the same way an adult rider grasps a traditional size handlebar.  Better grip, more control, increased confidence.

- 28% smaller grip diameter allows kids to fully grasp the handlebar, providing more comfort and control
- Smaller diameter offers a better hold on the handlebar while operating the brake
- Complete Kit mounts in your original 25.4mm stem (black stem) on 12eDRIVE and 16eDRIVE models
- Kit includes; 19mm handlebar, throttle assembly with wire, grips, bar plugs, shim for brake perch
- Updated throttle assembly modeled after the 18eDRIVE and 20eDRIVE with on/off button and LED indicator lights

Handlebar Dimensions:
- 560mm width
- 45mm height
- 21mm sweep
- 25.4mm (1in.) clamp diameter


* Not compatible with silver, blue or orange stems or stems installed with a bar riser kit. View the LE 22.2mm conversion kit for these applications.