12/16eDRIVE How-To


Do NOT use a water hose or pressure washer to clean your STACYC. Water will damage electrical components and void warranty.

The most effective and safe way to clean your STACYC is with a damp towel, followed by a dry towel.

Tool List

  • 2mm Allen Wrench
  • 2.5mm Allen Wrench
  • 4mm Allen Wrench
  • 5mm Allen Wrench
  • 6mm Allen Wrench
  • 8mm socket or open end/box end wrench
  • 10mm socket or open end/box end wrench
  • 15mm socket or open end/box end wrench
  • #2 Phillips screw driver



Note: The cycle should be turned OFF and the battery removed when unit is not in use. If the power switch is left on, the battery loses its charge.

  1. Locate battery and orient as shown, it is easier if you turn the handlebars left or right 45 degrees.
  2. Slide battery into slot on the front of the down tube of the cycle.
  3. There is a point where the battery release latch/button provides some resistance. Push the battery past this point. You should hear a click, and this gap should be


  1. Turn the handlebar 45 degrees from straight.
  2. Depress the battery release latch/button and slide battery out of slot in the direction shown.


12/16edrive components

1. Handlebar: Aluminum bicycle handlebar

2. Handlebar Grip: Left side handlebar grip

3. Brake Lever: Adjustable rear brake lever

4. Throttle: Twist type throttle with Battery Level indicator lights

5. Front fork: BMX-style steel front fork

6. Stem: Aluminum bicycle stem, attaching the front fork to the handlebar

7. Front wheel: Composite front wheel assembly with pneumatic tire and

inner tube

8. Foot rest: Plastic injection molded, atraumatic designed footrest

9. Front axle nuts: Front axle nut and washer to fasten front wheel to forks

10. Headset: Front bicycle style headset for 1-1/8” (28.6mm) steering system

11. Side panels: Plastic injection molded side panels to hold and protect

electronic motor and controls

12. Chain Guard: Plastic injection molded chain guard

13. Chain: Bicycle chain

14. Seat: Bicycle seat/saddle

15. Seat clamp: Bicycle seat clamp to fasten seat position

16. Frame: Heat treated aluminum frame

17. Battery: 18Vnom/20Vmax battery pack

18. Rear Axle Nuts: Rear axle nut and washer to fasten rear wheel to frame

19. Chain Tensioner: Bicycle chain tensioner to set chain tension and wheel


20. Drum Brake assembly: Rear bicycle band brake assembly

21. Rear Wheel: Composite rear wheel with pneumatic tire and inner tube

22. Drive sprocket: Proprietary steel drive sprocket

23. Drive motor: 18V electric motor

24. Electric Speed Controller (ESC): 18V, Electric Speed


25. Fuse: **if equipped. 40A Slow Blow fuse (*inside frame)