AFT Super-Grom Flat Track - Recap

May 14, 2019

AFT Super-Grom Flat Track - Recap

May, 11th 2019 - American Flat Track - So Cal 1/2 Mile

It wasn't just another Saturday night for 15 local So Cal STACYC riders. A small group of kiddos had parents that were fast on getting signed up for the first STACYC Super-Grom Flat Track Race of the year. The awesome crew at American Flat Track helped us create a super pro STACYC exhibition race and it went off without a hitch in front of a packed crowd at the So Cal Half Mile in Perris, Ca.  The Super-Groms, ages 3 - 7, made their way to the start line for a shot at glory on the same track that the AFT Pros's raced throughout the day!  It was amazing to see how calm and collected this group of little rippers was, there was a determined race face on every one of these littles and they made quick work of the STACYC flat track, bumping bars, taking spills and pinning it into the checkered flag! Keep a close watch on our Social Channels for the next STACYC event! Spots are limited and fill up quickly!

The competition was fierce and all of the kids did an amazing job battling it out for the checkered flag... #8 Mason Sleeter made it through the pack and crossed the line with the checkers at the first ever Super-Grom AFT So Cal 1/2 Mile. Congrats on the win riding that new Harley-Davidson Iron e16. 

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