SX2021 Indy 3 STACYC HoleShot Challenge

February 10, 2021

SX2021 Indy 3 STACYC HoleShot Challenge

Gate drop for the STACYC HoleShot Challenge Series was at Indy 3 this past weekend.  Racers lined up to see who would get their STACYC Brushless 16 eDRIVE bike across the finish line first!

STACYC Indy 3 riders

1st - Cash Conley
2nd - Emme Campbell
3rd - JP Pickens

STACYC Podium Riders Indy 3

If you missed the race on NBC, check it out here:

Check back here on our News Feed for highlights from each of the following HoleShot Challenges at these remaining rounds!

  • Orlando 2/20
  • Arlington 3/13
  • Arlington 3/20
  • Salt Lake City 5/1

STACYC Indy 3 Riders